Manufacture & propose highly efficient products is the preliminary and necessary must have to any lighting project definition. It’s our DNA to analyze, advice to reach the best balance between your lighting needs and its technical solution. More than simply delivering products, we bring our expertise to fit customers and partner’s needs.


How useless would be our expertise without possibility to make it alive? Lightz provides integral solutions to our customers. We take care of everything, from audit, to configuration and installation. Both indoor and outdoor, at eye level, highly mounted on a pole and in any weather conditions, Lightz works for you to guarantee optimal installation and all standards compliance.


The global need for energy savings can only be achieved by rationalizing our electricity usage, which means redesigning our existing facilities. Upgrading your installations is the first step for an environmentally responsible action and significant savings. This is Lightz’s leitmotif. We are constantly hunting down highly energy consuming installations and offering them sustainable solutions. Lightz can help you begin your “energy revolution” with financing options.


Planning an ambitious lighting project should never be restrained by usual industrial constraints. Lightz does anything needed to bring your projects to life. With Lightz by your side, at every key project milestone, there’s no limit! Your challenge is our, contact us!

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