Whowe are ?

Lightz is a Swiss company with a team having more than 9 years’ experience in Lighting technology. Manufacturer and distributor of LED luminaires and solutions, our partners are lighting professional, electricians and distributors. Lightz provides customized support for the definition and execution of your indoor or outdoor lighting project.

Lightz provides customized support for any indoor or outdoor lighting project definition and realization. Ensuring solution definition and lighting application advice based on customer specific environment and needs.

Your lighting needs. Realization of the installation answering your specific constraints, thanks to our solutions with the best quality / price offer.

The Method

From the selection of your lighting system to its installation, Lightz provides light services from A to Z. We identify possibilities, provide an estimate of cost and environmental savings, and choose the best option for an effective lighting system and its installation. We analyse your lighting needs in order to best meet them with our innovative, personalised solutions.


Thanks to Lightz’s expertise, you’ll get customized & optimized lighting solution, respectful of end users and of the environment. Guaranteed free of hazardous substance and material, our technology will allow you to save up to 70 % electricity, with a lifetime from 3 to 5 times longer than traditional lighting technologies.

Professional, discover all Lightz Products & services by contacting us at info@lightz.ch